A downloadable Future Gadget for Windows

This is a free simple clock program for Windows inspired by the divergence meter from Steins;Gate.

There are a few settings that can be modified, namely for the size and placement of the clock on the screen. By default it stays on top of every other window.

Only tested on Windows 7 and Windows 8

Install instructions

Requires Windows Vista or later and DirectX9 Runtime


divclock-v1.zip 695 kB


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its cool

Hi i like this clock, but i want to know how i can change the position of it and how can i delete its. 

Right click on the app to open local archives and then read the "ReadMe". There it explains how to edit the settings. To close it just right click on the icon on the task bar and close window.

Возможно ли отключение мерцания часов? Отрицательно влияет на самочусвтвие

I love this! I don't know if you have plans to keep working on it, but I would like to leave my feedback here anyway.

When the clock looses focus the numbers stop moving until you click on it again. Not sure if it was inteded that way, but it kills my idea of having the clock runing as a wallpaper int the background.
Having an option to keep it at the tray instead of the taskbar would be great too, and being able to toggle the background used in the screenshot and banner would make it perfect.

Again, great and beautiful work!

Thanks for trying it out and for the suggestions! The clock not updating numbers should not happen unless you changed the setting for always_on_top. I don't have any immediate plans of updating it but if I do, I'll fix this so the clock can be used as a wallpaper.
The background used in the screenshot can be found online if you like it: Link

Thanks for the fast reply! Will keep using it anyway because it really looks amazing on my desktop.
Thanks for the background too, and again, amazing job on this.